Email Adswaps

What is an Ad-swap?

Ad-swapping, in the Internet arena, is where you promote another marketer’s site to your email list in exchange for them doing the same to their list.  Usually you have to have a minimum list of three hundred subscribers on your list, and then you can solicit ad-swaps from other marketers with similar size lists.

Why would you want to do Ad-swaps?

There are several really good reasons why you should use ad-swaps and why all the big Internet marketers and gurus use them on a regular basis.  Here are the main reasons:

1. They are effective. When your product or service is recommended to an ad-swap list, you have built a relationship of trust with them through the owner of the list.  His endorsement of you ensures his list will be more responsive to your proposal than regular traffic.  You will give away a free report or eBook to his list in exchange for their opt-in subscription, so everybody wins.

2. They are quick and easy! Once you have done one or two ad-swaps, you’ll find them very easy to organize and use on a frequent basis.

3. They are free! Unlike most advertising methods, ad-swaps don’t cost you a dime.

4. No other method will grow your list faster! This is the main benefit of doing ad swaps.  Email ad swaps are an awesome way to grow your list very fast.  Imagine you have a list of 1000 subscribers and you do an ad swap with someone with a list of the same size and add 30 new subscribers to your list. You’ve increased your list by 3% without it costing you a cent and with very little effort.  If you repeat the process consistently 5 days a week and increase your list by only 5% each time, after just one month your list size will be 1,806 subscribers. That’s an increase of over 80%! You will have gone from 1,000 to 1,806 subscribers in just one month and it didn’t cost you one red cent!  Imagine doing this month after month! By the end of six months, you will have collected 34,698 subscribers on your list!

Some basic rules for doing ad-swaps:

1. Prepare a dedicated squeeze page for your ad-swap partner to send to their list. Make sure your squeeze page has a compelling red headline, some bullet points of the main benefits of your offer, and an active opt-in autoresponder form for them to fill out to get the free gift. Keep it simple and powerful. Don’t add too much else.

What if you don’t have a squeeze page yet? You can outsource this task easily at, or some similar micro job outlet.

2. Try to ad-swap with others that have a similar list size to yours. This will keep things fair, but everything is negotiable. If your list is half the size of someone that is considering ad-swapping with you, then offer to email your list twice over a period of about a two weeks to even things up.

3. To be successful, you must ad-swap with those in the same niche as yours, or something very similar. Obviously, doing otherwise will greatly affect your opt-in rates.  If you serve the “work at home” niche, for example, you don’t want to ad-swap with someone who has compiled their list from the “dog lovers” niche.

4. Don’t overdo it. Keep your ad-swaps to a maximum of 2 or 3 a week.

How do you find Ad-swap partners?

You can do a google search on ad-swap partners and fine thousands of them.  However, here are a couple of good ones you can use to get started:     Safe Swaps   and   JVListBuilding

Be careful when using the Warrior Forum to find ad-swap partners. This has not proved to be the best source in the past.  There are a lot of scammers out there who misrepresent the size of their list, or who don’t run your offers, so be sure to ask for references first.

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