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The following list outlines the minimum knowledge you should have, or acquire, in order to operate a successful Internet Marketing business. This knowledge-base is offered as an ongoing effort to eventually provide you with a complete library of information on all aspects of Internet Marketing so you can succeed and prosper. Not every entrepreneur is a marketing genius, nor do they have a lot of time, so I created this checklist to help speed up the learning process of basic marketing knowledge in a comprehensive, organized manner.

You probably don’t have the time, nor perhaps the inclination, to become a marketing expert yourself, and now you don’t have to be. All you do need, however, is to know enough not to be a sucker when you buy marketing products and services.

  1. List Building
  • Ability to install auto-responders and organize and implement ongoing e-mail list building campaigns
  • Email Advertising
  • Social Media

2.  Article Marketing

3.  Ebook Writing

4.  Copywriting

5.  Coding

  •  html
  •  Jumla
  •  php
  •  ftp
  •  css

6.  Sales Funnel

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Autoresponder Form
  • OTO Page
  • Payment Processor
  • Thank You Page
  • Download Page

7. Website Building

  • Ability to modify, add to, and improve existing company’s web site(s) or build a new web site from scratch  
  • Use of e-commerce tools, payment processing gateways,  banners, logos, sales letters, e-book covers, and payment buttons
  • Ability to Identify and Manage Optimal Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
  • Select Server Platforms, Anti-Virus Protection, Hosting Services, Domain Names, Email Clients, Software Updates
  • Html Static Sites
  • Dynamic Sites
  • cPanel
    • WordPress Blog Sites
    • Fantastico
    • File Manager
    • Blogger Sites
    • Open Source
    • Gimp, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Kompozer, or Amaya

8.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Optimize Web Site Functions, Layout, Performance, Standards, Design, Accessibility, and Monitor Visitor Traffic Statistics
  • Identify Demographics of Market Niche
  • Develop Marketing Strategies to Increase Flow of Targeted Visitors
  • Working Knowledge of SEO and Search Engine Submittal Process
  •  Site Maps

9.  Traffic Generation & Advertising

  • Ad Swaps
  • Articles
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Forums
  • Ad Networks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • CPA
  • CPV
  • Adwords
  • Back-link Networks
  • Direct and Target Marketing Techniques and Programs
  • Local Word-of-Mouth Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs and Magazines
  • Joint Venture Email Campaigns
  • Numerous Other Traffic Building Programs and Techniques
  • Traffic Generation Using Blogs, Articles, Reports, and Networks
  • Prepare Marketing Plans, Budgets and Expense Reports; Administer Same

10.  Affiliate Programs

11.  Niche Development

12.  Keyword Research and Selection

13.  Software Development

14.  Members Sites

15.   Paypal

16.  Verbal Communication Skills

17.  Freelance Contractor

18.  Creative and Technical Writing

19 New Product Development

20Banners, Menus, & Graphics

21.  Joint Ventures

22Basic Office Skills

  • Typing, Filing, Telephone,Computer Backup
  • Windows 8 or Apple
  • MS Office Suite
  • Postage, Mail, and Fax
  • Working Knowledge of Flash
  • Photoshop
  • Photo Management and Dropbox
  • Skype
  • Ability to market organizations and businesses internationally and locally using portals, directories and social media
  • Use of approaches, joint ventures, bulletin boards, creative campaigns, and other Internet marketing methodologies
  • Operate Printer, Fax, Cameras, File Transfers, Thumb Drives, and Scanners
  • Oversee All Other Computers, Performance, Network Functions, and Service Requirements

23.  Outsource and Coordinate Freelance Contractors For Special Projects, Niches, Graphics, or Security Functions

24.   Outsource and Coordinate the Development of Proprietary Software Packages For Specific Functions

25.  Encryption and Cloud Backup Services

26.  Special Targeted Niches

27.  Security and Maintenance

    • Routinely Scan Hard Drives
    • Registry Errors
    • Defragmentation
    • Fire-Wall
    • Malware, Anti-Virus,  and Spyware Scans
    • Protection, Increased Speed
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • License and Certificate Updates
    • Overall Optimal Computer and Software Functions
    • Password Lists
    • Normal Business Activities


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