My Favorite Plugins and Widgets

The following list of WordPress plugins and widgets are some of my favorites that I use frequently on my websites.  I recommend them because they enhance the navigation and functionality of any WordPress blog and make the website appear more interesting and professional to visitors.  There are far too many to list here, so I’ve only included the ones I consider the very best and which have served me faithfully for years. Each one has a limited function and requires a slight learning curve to install and set up.  Most can be found in the WordPress plugin library, but some are premium software purchased from private sources which I’ll point out to you.  I encourage you to try them all out and select the ones that work best for your projects. Create a file to store them on your hard drive so you can access them when needed. These plugins and widgets will save you a great deal of time when you build your sites and help you achieve better results.


Easy Privacy Policy -

Google XML Site Map -

SEO Search Term Tagging 2 -

Platinum SEO Pack 1.3.7 -

Grunion Contact Form -

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