My Favorite Gurus

Here’s The Deal…

I have done business with these marketers and gurus personally and found them to be honorable and forthright in their business activities.  I seldom recommend any individual marketers, and hardly ever, any gurus, since the market place is dominated by so many scammers and thieves.  Any individual appearing on this list has been carefully screened by me so you can have confidence that they will perform as they claim, or even over deliver.  I stake my personal reputation on this endorsement.  I either had a favorable business deal with these people, or they came to me highly recommended by someone I trust, and therefore I recommend the following gurus and marketers to you:


Joshua Anderson –

Paul Barr -

Jeff Bode -

Phillip Brewer -

Justin Brooke -

Ewen Chia -

Michael Cobb -

Ryan Deiss -

Peter Downs -

David Eisner -

Chris Farrel -

Reed Florin -

James Francis -

Justin Glover -

Dave Guindon

Chad Hamzeh -, specializes in CPA and Paid Traffic

  • Traffic Blackbook

  • Profit 101

Dean Holland -

Lyle Holmes -

Doug Hudiburg – YouTube videos

Roger Hyatt -

James Jones -

S. Kumar -

John Lagoudakis -

Richard Legg -

Jamie Lewis -

Lee McKenna -

Mack Michaels -

Neville Medhora -

Marc Milburn -

Jonathan Mizel -

Monika Mundell -

Philip Mutrie -

Kelvin Nikkel -

Ryan Parenti -

Steve Peirce -

Michael Rasmussen -

Frank Salinas -

Angelo Sayson -

Doug Stuart -

Deepo Thomas -

Anthony Tilley -

Anthony Trister -

Jit Uppal -

Douglas Williams -

Coby Wright -

Sara Young -

I strongly recommend you do a Google search on any marketer, especially with the word “scam” or “complaint” following their name before you send them any money. I also recommend you visit some of the sites listed in the Security Section of the Tools and Resources menu above.   If you have had a negative experience with anyone listed on this page, or with any other marketer or guru, please send me a note below, with proof,  and I will do my best to withdraw the endorsement and warn others.  Such complaints must be verifiable and not based upon hearsay.






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