How to Find Images and Other Copyrighted Intellectual Properties Online by Aime Wolf

There was a time when enthusiasts, publishers and general admirers would require visiting art galleries and photo exhibitions for having face-to-face interaction with the visual artists and for getting their permission for using their artworks. With the spread of the web, the entire process of getting approvals from the creators of artworks has become extremely easy and straightforward. Now-a-days, you just need to visit the free online portfolios of the photographers, painters, cartoonists and other creative people to find images and obtain their permission to reuse the same on your website or on your corporate brochure. How to find and use copyrighted intellectual properties lawfully and without facing legal actions on the grounds of copyright infringement issues? Here below is a brief guide.

Not all staffs on the web are free to use

A simple search on Google Images may create an impression that creative photographs and images are all free to use. However, leaving apart the stock photos that are available on numerous online photo galleries, most of these photos are not free to use. If you use these copyrighted works without taking consent from the original photo artists, you and your company may face certain legal actions. However, there are online portfolios of artists and photojournalists who grant the users to reproduce and reuse these photos without paying fees. This they do solely because they want to showcase their artworks and spread the word. However, if you do not know how to obtain permits from the artists, it may become a little problematic for you to use these images for a commercial purpose.

Feel free to seek permission

Copyright laws were brought into place for preventing forgery and piracy and to help the original owners of the intellectual properties to get their share or monetary and other benefits. Therefore, you should feel free to seek permission from the original creators after you find images created by them. Do not just assume that an image is not copyrighted if you cannot find the copyright symbol � on the artworks. Some of the best free images can be found in online portfolios and artist/photographer networking websites. An online portfolio is like a vast repository of free images and videos that you can download and reuse only after obtaining necessary permission from their creators. You can find photos and paintings on different themes.

Where and how can you use the images?

The first thing you need to do is to register on an online directory that consists of creative people. You just need to find the right platform to find the best images and upon registering you can contact with the artists personally. These online directories are just like online image banks that can be accessed by artwork enthusiasts, critics and customers alike. You just need to request the artists for giving you required permit to do the work and you can use the images on your website, on your company brochure and elsewhere. Look up Google to find the best free online portfolios.

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