Dave Salois

Dave Salois


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Welcome.  My name is Dave Salois and I am a writer, a designer, a self-taught original thinker, an entrepreneur, and an Internet marketer with a great sense of humor.  I don’t know how you got here, but consider this your lucky day.  This blog is all about making money through Internet Marketing (IM), and specifically, about affiliate marketing and list building. Affiliate marketing is a $14 billion dollar a year industry now and this blog can help you get a piece of it.  My focus is helping newbies, seniors, and work-at-home moms who need to make money on the Internet because all other employment options have not worked out.  If you are interested in earning an extra, or full time, income online to replace, or supplement, your existing salary, then you will probably find something here that will interest you and help you in your quest.  I believe selling information is the best business to operate because you don’t need to stockpile and store any extensive inventory of product. You don’t have to try to sell anything to your friends, family, and neighbors. You can work from the comfort of your home with low start-up costs, and the operational costs are very low and affordable compared to a brick and mortar store.  The hours of operation are flexible, and usually there is no postage and packaging cost to delivery products to your customers.  Let me invite you to stop here and take a look around.  There are a lot of freebies here for you. If you find something you like, please bookmark this site to your Favorites file and return here often to gather fresh content and tips on how to start your own online business or plan your strategy to earn money online. This site can help you learn how to get up and running in less time.

Why, you ask?  What’s so different about me and this site?  Well, the main difference is that I’ve been surfing cyberspace since the early days and I’ve tried out a lot of different programs and business models. I’ve gathered a lot of information and I’ve earned my scars. You can benefit from my experience.  I also try to bring a strong measure of truth, honesty, and integrity to my Internet marketing, which seem to be rare qualities these days.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch off into some guru-bashing tirade here, but like any profession, I have noticed there are a few good ones, and then there are some real bad apples that tarnish the reputation of our industry. Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference.  I often have to deal with a lot of marketers who are “guru wannabees”, wanting to make lots of fast money online, and as long as they go about their business in an ethical manner, I have no problem with them.  It would be hypocritical for me to say otherwise.  However, from time-to-time, I have to deal with some of the real scum-sucking bottom-feeder gurus and marketers out there, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them, or be like them.  Believe me, I’m not at all like them, and I try to avoid them whenever possible, and point them out like a snake in the grass so others don’t either. In my experience, these types of negative encounters have been brief, and for the most part, the majority of people I have met online, and done business with, have all been positive.  My assessment of people, in general, is that they are neutral until acted upon, and influenced by, an outside force.  Most people just want to satisfy their basic needs and work, earn money, live well, and spend quality leisure time with their friends and family.

The fact of the matter is that I admire anyone trying to make an honest living online today, because it’s not easy, or glamorous work.  Furthermore, I despise those who take advantage of innocent people through deceit, poor service, and not delivering what they promise in order to acquire money based upon pure greed. For me, it’s a matter of work vs. avarice; honesty vs. treachery.  One is moral and ethical; the other is not.  There are a lot of marketers and gurus who don’t have a conscience and routinely deceive their customers in order to get their money, similar to how large corporations operate.  There is something psychopathic in that kind of behavior. Some marketers are clearly predators and prey on the innocent and the ignorant. For me, its not just the difference between white hat and black hat operations; it involves ethics, morals, and values; or the lack of them.   I have zero tolerance for liars, crooks, and thieves and my main concern is that if these white collar criminals come to dominate the Internet market place; they will eventually destroy the opportunity for those of us trying to earn an honest living here. More than that, they will openly invite more regulation, censorship, and interference from governments to protect consumers who will, in turn, regulate, restrict and tax trade.  At the end of the day, for me it becomes more a matter of keeping the Internet free rather than just legitimate. Traveling the information highway can be a perilous journey, but it is the last outpost of free enterprise left where those who persevere have a very good chance to earn rich rewards based, not upon chance, but upon their own efforts.

This blog is a call to action.  Without wishing to appear too dramatic, I think most of us are in an “adapt or die” situation to some degree.  Experts tell us that Social Security will likely be bankrupt by 2017, and we can’t even begin to imagine the social unrest that will occur when the gubment checks stop. For many seniors who lost their equity in their homes in the 2008 crash, retirement prospects are not looking good either.  As a matter of fact, the fallout from the housing bubble and the banking bailout debacle will result in thousands of seniors who will have to remain in the job market just to make a living during their retirement years. If you fall within this category, then you will either have to rely on your family for support, or you can take a minimum wage job if you can find one, or you can start an online business and hope to make a living.

As I previously mentioned, those of us trying hard to conduct honest business ventures online frequently find ourselves swimming in shark infested waters more often than we care to admit, so it is not an easy alternative.  We all know that when there is money involved in any enterprise or transaction, there are likely some crooks, liars, sharks, and thieves just lurking nearby in the shadows waiting to take advantage of innocent entrepreneurs;  intent on separating them from their money.  If you are as fed-up and tired of all the hype, all the greed-based scams, lies, and fraud that are so pervasive in Internet marketing today; then I invite you to join me in an honest effort to try to clean it up, or at least try to side step all the traps and mines and make it safe for others.  Because of the bad reputation Internet marketing has acquired from all the illegitimate bandits and con artists out there, it has become harder to earn an honest living online these days without having to worry about the risk of getting ripped off, or accused of being a crook too.  It’s getting harder to separate the good guys from the bad guys that is for sure.  It saddens me to think that the Internet has become like the old wild west frontier all over again; a place where you have to be constantly vigilant and alert to what you are doing in order to avoid getting flim-flammed or robbed.  As you may have already learned, you can’t afford to be naive, and you should seek the counsel of experienced coaches before you engage in eCommerce; but given the choices you are likely to face in the next few years, I think it is the only way to go.

In this economy, let’s face it, there are thousands of people turning to the Internet every day around the globe, in quiet desperation, looking for a way to make ends meet. It has become the last frontier. During the 1930′s Great Depression in the United States, people loaded up their cars and trucks and went to California to work in the orchards, canneries, and food-packing plants where work was available.  In the 2008 Great Global Recession ongoing today, there are no such places to go to anymore because the economic troubles are world-wide, and jobs are hard to find all across the United States and in most developed countries. It may not exactly be the “promised land”, but it just might be your lifeboat.  It has probably created as many problems for some as it has presented opportunities. All the businesses and individuals trying to earn money online have turned it into a feeding frenzy in certain areas, while at the same time, creating some very “dark alleys” in other places, where you dare not travel alone without a guide.  If you don’t know your way around the Internet block yet, it is real easy to get lost, and even worse yet; to get misinformed, scammed, and ripped off.  There are so many hustlers out there; each one promising you they have the perfect plan or software to make you quick money over night. There are thousands of them, and they are all hoping, or trying to coax you, into joining their ranks. There are so many in fact, it reminds me of a carnival midway at a county fair, where all the barkers scream at you simultaneously and compete for your attention to get you to push their “Buy Now” buttons. Even worse than that,  it’s more like the trading frenzy on the commodities floor at the New York Stock Exchange…pure pandemonium every day.  But even so, I think it is still your best bet for future income, so you better get started now.

Let me tell you right up front that I don’t have all the answers here you are looking for, but I will try to point you in the right direction as a fellow marketer.  I may not have the right information you are looking for, and my opinions may not match yours.  But I can only assure you that I will not attempt to pawn off any junk on you just to make a fast buck. Any products or information you find on this site have been carefully screened by me before they are presented to you and receive my endorsement.  They are relevant to your search.  I believe strongly in the “teach a man to fish” parable, so I will attempt to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls encountered in this business if you are just starting out, as well as, try to assist the more seasoned veterans among you in growing your business and income faster.  I’ve gone to a great deal of work here on your behalf, so I hope you appreciate it and take advantage of it.  There is a lot of valuable free content here and there’s something for everybody.  The main reason you should visit this site often is because I can save you a great deal of time and money….and I’m a person you can trust. Use these resources to build your business the right way and revise your thinking to conduct your business with realistic expectations.  There’s a lot to learn, so let me help you sort things out and get organized.

Let me put it to you bluntly. At the risk of being brutally honest and too direct, I always try to call things as I see them from my point of view. I am just one tiny voice trying to bring a small measure of truth and ethics to what has become a cesspool of commerce.  I don’t have time to hold your hand and be delicate, so here’s the deal.  I can’t promise that you will make any money at all online, because that is something that is entirely based upon your individual ambition, talent, intelligence, and motivation. I don’t make false promises nor try to mislead people just to earn money, but there are plenty out there that do.  I certainly will not tell you that you will get-rich-quick on the World Wide Web while wearing your pajamas around like the con artists represent, because the truth is, you are far more likely to fail than succeed. Contrary to all the fancy guru ads you see, chances are you won’t be sitting on any beach sipping umbrella drinks gazing off into the sunset, nor have a row of shiny new sports cars lined up in front of your sea side mansion any time soon. That is foolishness!

The reality of Internet marketing is that 98% of people who try it, fail.  Of the 2% that make money online, only half make a living, while the other half make part-time incomes that vary in size and consistency according to their commitment and business model. 94% of the people who do make money online, make less than $500 per month.  To succeed online, you will have to go through a considerable learning curve and overcome indecision and confusion.  There’s a chance you could make some good money from your online business, but the odds are not in your favor. Realistically, you’ll probably be lucky to make a few extra thousand dollars a month consistently in a few years, and that’s if you work hard at it and stay with it.  I don’t want to rain on your parade, or destroy your illusions, but facing reality can be harsh sometimes and you need someone like me occasionally to give you some frank and sobering advice. There is a good chance that our country is already bankrupt and the government checks may stop coming some day.  The economy is in worse condition than the media lets us believe.  If our financial infrastructure collapses in the next few years and social security and medicare implode, do you have an alternate Plan B?  I’m asking you to be honest and realistic?  If you pay close attention, this blog can help you prepare a Plan B.  It can help you avoid wasting a lot of your precious time, and at least give you a reasonable chance at achieving success  online, but you need to take action now.  I’m not advocating that you lower your expectations, but I am  trying to convince you to carefully evaluate your options and approach Internet marketing realistically like any other business.

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe there is plenty of room in this business for a lot of people to earn a steady income that can replace government programs. But make no mistake,  the rewards generally come from hard work and dedicated effort; not from some $27 one-time-offer. There are no get-rick-quick schemes that work for the majority of Internet marketers, so you must forget about sudden wealth and concentrate on making a steady income.  I advise you to approach your online marketing ventures with maturity and realistic expectations, instead of out of greed or fantasy.  That’s all.

In the days ahead, on a global level, more and more people will be going online to make extra money.  The competition will increase tremendously, but you still have an opportunity to earn money because the Internet is still in its infancy and it is changing daily.  This is why I encourage you to take action now. The playing field is still relatively level and anyone who has the ambition and inclination can create a successful online business. I strongly suggest you look over my site and acquire a basic knowledge of what you will need in order to succeed.  I’m not suggesting you have to learn the equivalent of a college degree knowledge base, because you don’t.  Anything you can’t do, or choose not to do, can be outsourced, so don’t be intimidated.

As you can tell, I am full of opinions, both positive and negative, but nevertheless, whether you agree with me or not, rest assured, I’ll never try to mislead you or manipulate you.  You can count on that. Actually, I don’t expect you to agree with me, or take my word for it.  Quite the contrary!  I expect you to do your own thinking, research, and due diligence to figure things out on your own. Consider me just a parrot on your shoulder, an opinionated fellow traveler; not a coach or consultant.  I’m always good for an opinion.  But if I can motivate you to prove me wrong about what I tell you here, then I will have at least accomplished one of my own goals, which is to get a few of you off your couch and busy implementing some sound business practices so you can earn some steady money online.  Let me warn you though, it’s not at all like you’ve been led to believe it is.  Here is a taste of reality.

The average Internet surfer subscribes to well over 500 email sources, and on any given day, can easily receive from 100-300 allowed emails, not to mention the spam messages.  I call it self-induced information overload.  The average surfer spends more than two hours just reading through their email and checking their social networking sites and generally skims right over most messages.  Email is the single biggest distraction online; followed closely by the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus, and all the rest. They suck up lots of your time and delivery few benefits other than keeping you informed and amused.  All combined, these communication systems waste more productive time for people than any other single distraction on the Internet; yet because of this, email marketing has emerged to become one of the most effective ways to consistently make money online because people, in general, are always looking for opportunities to make money.  As an Internet marketer, not only do you have to present an attractive offer, you must compete for the attention of the subscriber in just a matter of seconds. Half the battle is avoiding the spam filters and just getting your message opened.  Normally you have just a few seconds at the very most to get noticed, opened, read, and to motivate your subscriber to take action such as clicking on your link.  In order to accomplish this, you are going to need more than just watching a training video on it.  You are going to need instruction and coaching.

As I see it, we are all in this thing together, and if we can all agree to work together to uphold the best values and practices in transacting business such as honesty, integrity, honor, diligence, reliability, responsibility, and mutual respect; then we can insure that the playing field will remain clean and level for as long as possible; or at least until the governments start to interfere with it for their own financial reasons.  Keep this in mind, if the crooks prevail, then it just hastens the day when the governments of the world will step in to regulate Internet activity.  They will impose taxes to pay for their interference, and if that happens, it will be a major disaster for most online entrepreneurs.  This is all the more reason why we need to self-police and regulate our industry, so that we can preserve it as a vehicle for free enterprise as long as we can.

All things considered, trying to do business online these days is a formidable undertaking and a challenge, regardless if you are just trying to reach your customers. There are viruses attacking you daily, there are hackers trying to get into your bank accounts and cPanels, there are people trying to steal your identity,  there is malware that spies on you, or programs that try to count your keystrokes to steal your passwords, and there are a lot of dishonest marketers trying to take your money through lies and deceit without delivering what they promise. All this makes for a rather nasty neighborhood in which to try to  transact business to say the least.  Because of this business environment, only a few of you will ever stick it out long enough to make any significant income from your affiliate marketing endeavors. Why is that you ask?  Why do I seem so pessimistic?  Well, it’s not so much being pessimistic as it is being realistic.  Most new businesses fail anyway, even in a good economy.  In this bad economy, jobs are scarce and people don’t have the disposable income they used to have a few short years ago to spend on frivolous products. People are more careful with their spending now and you have to present offers that are compelling if you expect to earn any money.  Let me put it this way, earning money online is difficult because there is more competition for available consumer dollars.

Starting any business takes a lot of commitment, desire, dedication, and many other such qualities to achieve success, and especially if you hope to do successful business online. Even if you have ample start up funding, a working knowledge of how to set up sales funnels,  an expert team of helpful technical advisers, and ambition coming out your ears; your biggest challenge is going to be time and focus.  Yes, that’s right, time and focus.  The fact is there is never enough time to do all the things you want and there are just too many distractions to stay on course and do the things you need to do.  This is one of the realities of Internet marketing….your life may already be too full and busy for you to achieve any progress online, unless you stay up all night and try to get by on only a few hours of sleep.  When the deceptive gurus tell you that you can run a business only working two hours a day, and earn thousands of dollars a week,  they are sadly, but obviously, misleading you.  Maybe they can do it after years of experience, but I don’t think you can.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

So the truth is you are probably not going to have enough time to learn and operate a successful online business, despite what you have heard about “done-for-you”, and “set-it-and-forget-it” business models.  There is no such thing as an auto-pilot business, trust me on this.  Those types of businesses never work as promised, so don’t be deceived.  No successful business ever runs on its own, maintenance free, and if this is your true expectation, then you need to stop right now.  You are just wasting your time!  The biggest problem you will face today is not from all the hype, greed and deceit, or due to the lack of time, nor the “shiny object” syndrome where you buy ever new get-rich-quick scheme that comes along.

Surprisingly, your biggest challenge is going to be normal “distractions” and not staying on course.  I’ll bet right now you don’t even have one active sales funnel pulling in any extra money for you.  I’ll bet you never got any Clickbank or Amazon campaigns going either, even though you have been intending to do so for several months.  You see, that’s your problem.  Every time you open up an email and watch a short video, or read a sales page, you are off and running after the next shiny object, business-in-a-box, get-rich-quick scheme or video training course.  You already suffer from information overload, yet you pursue more stuff.  Your hard drive is probably full of junk that you never used and probably don’t even remember buying.  Am I right?  Let’s get real here!

How can you expect to make any money if all you ever do is buy worthless, empty promises, and you don’t build any sales funnels to sell anything?  Even if you invest heavily in training materials, when will you ever have the time to watch the videos or read the eBooks?   You probably have hundreds of eBooks on your computer right now, but couldn’t even find the ones that could help you succeed.  You need to turn this situation around!  You need to start selling and stop buying!  You probably have all that you need right now on your hard drive to learn how to start your online business.  If you do happen to need some special knowledge on anything, chances are you can find the tutorial on YouTube or some other free online video service.  Unless you are just starting out from scratch, you need to start by reading through the material you have already acquired.

The next thing you need to do is stop subscribing to every lame offer that hits your inbox.  All that does is fill your email client up with useless spam and empty offers that you have to read.  Email marketing is very effective, but let’s face facts here.  At some point you are going to have to acknowledge that you are no longer a “newbie” and stop buying more training products.  The average person reads only around 400 words per minute, and if you get 300 – 400 new email messages per day, how many life times are you going to need to plow through all this reading material, let alone all the eBooks you have already collected?  The reality is you will never get around to reading all this information and you know it …..you will simply not have the time.  Period!  So stop investing in any more reading material until you first dig in to what you already have collected.  Concentrate your efforts on just building a list and creating converting sales funnels and you will eventually start making money online.

Running any successful business, especially an online business, takes an extraordinary ability to maintain focus…that is, being able to connect the dots, anticipate what’s coming next, and reacting accordingly.   You have to pay close attention if you are going to succeed, and keep making steady progress toward your goals on a daily basis. You have to take action; you cannot be passive.  Businesses don’t run themselves; they require constant tweaking to adjust to changing market conditions.  You have to prioritize your work, develop milestones, and create a realistic business plan with schedules and budgets, and then stick to it.  Without a business plan, you are dead in the water because this is your road map to success.

So now that you know that petty distractions are your number one enemy; having unrealistic expectations is your next biggest concern because they will only keep you reaching out for every fast-buck promise that comes along, keeping you off course.  Just think about all the things that already place constant demands on your life and attention; maybe its your job or your boss, maybe its the house, maybe its your spouse, perhaps its your parents or in-laws, maybe its the kids or pets, maybe its your bills, or the next-door neighbor, or car problems, or the economy, or perhaps some illness or injury.  Whatever it is that dominates your attention right now, and detracts from your ability to concentrate, then these are the things that are your true enemies and dream killers. Distractions will destroy your continuity of thought, which is absolutely crucial and necessary to earning consistent money online and achieving your goals.  If you take your eyes off your target, chances are you will miss the bulls-eye.

Now for the real meat and potatoes of this lecture.  Here is the best advice I can give you that will help you achieve your goals:  first, find a good mentor or coach and closely follow their advice.  They have experience and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals much faster than if you try to do it on your own. Do it now. Next, choose one strategy and stay with it. I recommend affiliate marketing because there is such a large selection of products and services to choose from, and most of the marketing support has already been done for you.  Next, don’t jump around from opportunity to opportunity; select a few good strategies and stick with them.  Decide what you need to know and then set aside some time to acquire the training. The main thing is you need to start building a list immediately and keep after it.  You’ve heard it a thousand times: the money is in the list, so just do it now because it’s true.

If you are short on time, then either make the time to do it yourself, or outsource what you need.  When you build a website and a converting sales funnel, and start making some money, then you can grow from there.  Don’t try to hit a grand slam right away. As you are starting out, remember this anonymous quote and take baby steps: “Mile by mile it’s a trial; yard by yard it’s hard; but inch by inch it’s a cinch.”  Just do one thing at a time; do it well, and do not try to multitask. Concentrate and stay focused.  Do things sequentially, not concurrently.  Finish what you start, then go on to the next step. Start by selling affiliate products that fit your personality so you enjoy what you are doing, until you start earning a steady income.  Try to develop an information product of your own as soon as you can and have trusted affiliates sell it for you. Do not pay your affiliates sooner than 30 days to insure that all charge-backs have been processed correctly.  When you reach this point, your income will begin to accelerate.  Rinse and repeat.

Let me clear up one thing right now before I go on any further.  I am not trying to be the mentor or coach you need, because I frankly just don’t have the time.  Consider me just a fellow marketer that is willing to share his time, knowledge, opinions, and experience with you to help you prosper. That’s all.  This site is  just a pit stop on your way to the finish line; it is certainly not intended as a destination. I have compiled a few tools here you can use and I offer you some refreshments and advice, but that is all.  You still need to find a coach and I can recommend several who I think will serve you well.  The rest is up to you.  This site offers you access to tons of good, quality information here, advice from some of my favorite expert associates, and I will even throw in some very sound, free advice and warnings, in order to help you avoid some common pitfalls and start earning money online fairly quickly.

Why should I even bother you ask?  Because, like I said, we are all in this together and I think entrepreneurs like us are the best chance there is of correcting the economic slump and turning it around. When people have more money to spend beyond their basic needs, and more goods and services to sell;  then there will be more jobs created and more prosperity for everyone.  In the big picture, by helping you succeed, I help myself succeed.  I am committing 100% of my support to helping those of you who want to attempt it, even though  it’s a hard road to travel with plenty of risks as I’ve described. Much of what I offer you will be free, or at a minimal cost, but that doesn’t mean it has little value. I’m doing this to help you get started.  Sure, I strive to earn money online too, and when that happens it’s great, but I’m more concerned about helping you learn how to make a living online and get a good start …it all goes back to that teach a man to fish thing.  I am especially focused upon helping all you senior citizens who lost their nest eggs when the banks collapsed and who now have to remain in the work force instead of enjoying their retirement.  My heart goes out to all the stay-at-home moms who desperately need to make a living and still care for their children.  My goal in creating this site is to help you build a home-based business, and get you stable, before the social security bubble bursts in 2017.

So, I encourage you to explore my site here and look over some of the things I’ve put together for your benefit.  Relax, you have plenty of time.  You will find that I have my feet planted firmly on the ground, and my head screwed on right.   I will offer you honest, straight forward advice based upon common sense, family values, and years of practical experience. You may not like what I have to say, or agree with me, but at least you will have a sound source of practical information, and a reliable opinion from which to determine your own course of action. At the very least you will learn something and its better than a sharp stick in the eye, right?

So now then, with all that said, what kind of snake oil was it you wanted?  Just kidding.  Just for stopping by today, however, I want to give you a free gift to show you my appreciation and set the tone for your future visits. Go to the top of this page and select the menu inviting you to opt-in to my newsletter and download the free eBooks on affiliate marketing.  I will continue to give you more sound advice on Internet marketing and more freebies on my website and in my newsletter.  Subscribe today and I’ll keep you informed of any major events, things to avoid,  new trends, special deals, and where you can find some great values and resources.  Also, I invite you to follow me on Twitter where I really get wild.  Come back often because I’ll be adding more new content to the resources on a regular basis, and you will always find your visit here rewarding, I guarantee it.

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